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Amanda + Jordan | Middletown, PA Wedding

In the early spring, a dear friend of mine from church mentioned that her friend was looking for a wedding photographer. I knew I would find it easy to love Amanda… she was a friend of a friend, after all. What I learned quickly about Amanda and Jordan, however, was that they were planning their Pennsylvania wedding from their current home in Texas. Talking with Amanda over the phone was easy- I was right… she was easy to love. She told me all about her wonderful friends and family helping her to plan and put on her June wedding so many miles away from Texas, where she and Jordan call ‘home’. And so, I did not get to meet Amanda and Jordan until the actual wedding day (which is never ideal), but let me tell you, the minute Amanda saw me she embraced me in a hug. All of my worries about having never met them face-to-face were quickly put to ease. She’s lucky she lives in Texas… if she were still local I would definitely make her hang out with me. ;)

It was amazing to see all the details of the wedding that friends and family made possible while Amanda planned her wedding from hundreds of miles away. In fact, as she was getting into her wedding dress she said, “I actually haven’t been able to try on all of it together until now!” The *recovering* control freak in me would have a very hard time letting so many of my wedding day plans be worked out without me managing every last detail. (Amanda, you inspire me with your easy-going, calming nature!) Amanda and Jordan were two of the most delightful people to work with, and I forgot almost as soon as I arrived that I had never met them before that day! I am glad, however, that I got to meet them both separately before we got things started… because once Jordan laid eyes on his bride, I am fairly certain he never looked away. :) 

I loved Amanda’s fancy shoes… and the very cool ring bearer “pillow” they made from an old book. 

I love a bridal party that knows how to have fun!

So beautiful…

…and so handsome.

One of my favorite things was how Jordan and Amanda ended the night- Amanda put on more comfortable clothes and the two did an amazing, fully choreographed dance to a favorite song. 

Amanda and Jordan- thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. You two are a blessing!

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