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Bag Lady | A Camera Bag Review

Ben recently made a comment that “camera bags are the new boot”. It’s true… I love me some boots. If wearing riding boots is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I try to limit myself to one pair a year. But even then, who needs a new boot every fall? Evidently, I do. Well, as my sweet husband pointed out, camera bags are threatening to become the “new boot”. The thing is, you need a bag to hold your gear. And truthfully, there are a lot of options. There are a lot of good, protective, black camera bags. But I like pretty things. I don’t need (nor can afford) to have the top of the line of everything… but when I need a bag to protect my camera, why not seek out pretty? :) So, if you are in the market for a new bag, here are a few that I love!

Kelly Moore Bags, people… I love ’em. I love following Kelly Moore and I love how she shares the adoption story of their daughter (if you have time, the video on that last link is SO worth watching)… and if that’s not enough, she makes beautiful bags! (She even makes bags for guys!) My first Kelly Moore Bag purchase was the B-Hobo. This bag lives on, but in the possession of my dear friend, Amanda. :) I bought this bag back when we were traveling to Vienna, Austria and I wanted to carry my camera around and not necessarily look like I was carrying my camera around. And I wanted it to double as my purse. I love the B-Hobo, and I think it’s safe to say its new owner, Amanda, loves it too! I don’t have a picture of it, but it comfortably carried my camera body with a lens attached and an extra lens along with a few small “purse items”. You can check it out here!

My go-to Kelly Moore Bag is now the 2 Sues and it may just be my new favorite. I love the look and feel of this bag and some elements of it make it even more of a camera bag/purse crossover… including slots for credit cards and slots for memory cards! It is tall and definitely larger than a traditional purse, but has a great look, I think.

It comfortably holds my camera and one extra lens. It can carry my 5D Mark II camera body with a grip, but it does bulge a bit more than I like with that grip on. Because it is tall, it could even fit the 70-200mm pretty nicely. It’s perfect for carrying around when I am traveling or anywhere I just want to bring my camera along, and I don’t want to lug around a ton of gear!

I also have the Stella bag by Epiphanie, which is almost always what I bring to an engagement session because it carries more gear than the 2 Sues. It carries my camera body with grip and a lens attached very comfortably, and if I really want to, it will carry 3 additional lenses. It is kind of a short and wide bag and the additional pockets around the outside of the bag are great for essentials such as memory cards and chapstick. 

The JuJu by Kelly Moore is a ridiculously large bag. I love it, but it is huge. It’s not a camera bag/purse crossover, but that isn’t what I bought it for. If I could do it again? I might buy the Libby instead. It’s a little more tapered from bottom to top. I think Kelly Moore refers to the JuJu as “the mother of all bags” on her blog… and it really is. It fits a lot of gear but for that very reason it gets heavy and cumbersome quickly. I bought this bag to carry a lot while hoping that I wouldn’t be carrying it a lot. I will bring this bag to a wedding and leave it in the back of the church or in a parlor room. It’s just great to have on hand with all of my “extras”. And again, it’s kinda pretty, right? :)

Lastly, the Shootsac. The Shootsac is a part of my collection thanks to my sweet friends, Andrea & Renata. I have used this at almost every wedding as my lens changer bag. Its neoprene material is protective but definitely doesn’t stand up to the protection and construction of the Kelly Moore or Epiphanie bags. It also does not stand up on it’s own. What I do love (and maybe why I can’t part with it) is that because it is so slim, it really hugs to my body. When I am moving around at a wedding, trying to be inconspicuous, I feel like this bag is just an extension of me. It also has three pockets in the back that make it easy for me to grab the all-important chapstick as well as my timeline and wedding day info sheet.

I have heard a lot of people say that they don’t like that the slim design is not great when you are trying to quickly pull a lens out or put a lens in because the lenses are really snug in there… especially those really fat lenses like the 85mm 1.2. It’s almost ridiculous. And again if you take it off, unlike the other bags, you cannot just set it on the ground. And I do love the “leather” look of the Kelly Moore Bags much more. But, I am just not ready to say goodbye! There are a few Kelly Moore Bags I have my eye on… which may just give me reason to replace my wedding day lens changing bag. ;)

So there’s my two cents! I like pretty bags. And these are my reasons why. :)

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  • kaley

    Do you really own that many camera bags? While me moving away may have stopped your clothes shopping, I believe you have filled the void with camera bags. ;)ReplyCancel

  • Diana

    You’re just too darn cute!ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn

    Two cents???? Those certainly are pretty bags, and I love that you can justify each one!…Love You:)ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for posting this! I didn’t know there were fashionable camera bags! I have a crumpler and a lowe pro and I hate how boring they are, and obviously they also scream camera bag. When I travel I hate to use them because it makes it too obvious I’m carrying around expensive camera equipment.ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for doing this post! I’m currently looking at buying the 2 Sues bag, but am worried about the wear and tear since it is not real leather. Can you tell me how the exterior of your bag has held up? :)ReplyCancel

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