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It’s my birthday, folks!

Happy Monday everyone! It’s easy to get over “a case of the Monday’s” when it’s your birthday. :) I’ve talked about it before, but I love, love, love the Christmas season- so my birthday falling during this time of year is the best. I have to admit, as a child I didn’t love it quite as much. Having a birthday in December sometimes meant a combined birthday/Christmas gift (and as a somewhat selfish only-child… I didn’t much like that). It also sometimes meant that I was recovering from Strep and barely had a voice for my birthday party at the roller rink. BUT, I have since completely embraced my birthday being around Christmastime- because it is my very most favorite time of year! Although today is my actual birthday and I am thankful for that, last weekend Ben took me on a completely surprise weekend getaway as my birthday gift, so I feel I have already celebrated! This is big because he’s never planned anything like this before, and, what’s more, he took me to New York City. My husband, who loves miles and miles of field to run in, who doesn’t particularly like being in large crowds, who grew up raising cattle, chickens, goats and whatever else on the farm… took me to the city, The Big Apple. Which I love. And hands-down, we both agree, it was one of our favorite trips together. He planned so many wonderful things for us to do and he found that he really enjoyed all that the city had to offer. Mostly he enjoyed that we took a bus (Mega Bus! I highly recommend it) so he didn’t have to drive in city traffic, and we had a few days to take our time seeing things, instead of racing to everything in one jam-packed day.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw much of our trip already. There was just so much fun to share! :) But, I thought I would share a few favorite photos since I did take my camera along. :)

First things first, we saw The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. And. I. Love. The. Rockettes. My aunt has taken me multiple times to see them in other theaters and Ben and I went a few years ago in Baltimore… but I have never been to Radio City. I just love those Rockettes so much, I can’t really explain it. So I was thrilled to see them in New York for the first time! I couldn’t take my big ‘ol camera in with me, but I took one terrible photo with my iPhone of the traditional eye-high leg kick. It just never gets old to me. :) 

A gray day at Central Park.

I asked a kindly gentleman, who had a similar camera to mine, to take our photo in Times Square. Turns out, our skin is reflecting the 10,000 lights of Times Square and we are out of focus. But, I am thankful for it. :)

My handsome and thoughtful husband who gave me the best birthday trip ever… often walked through the streets of New York looking like this. Somewhat with awe and enjoyment and somewhat with great confusion. ;) 

So enjoy this great Monday the 10th, my friends!

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  • Carolyn

    Ah, I remember going to Radio City Music Hall with my Uncle to see the Rockettes! I’m so glad you got to experience it too! Thank you Ben for making it happem for Tara!ReplyCancel

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