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Little black box

I was looking through some pictures this morning and came across this sweet image. We spent the day in with friends, a few weekends ago when it was snowing in October. I was snapping some pictures through the day and this little 2 year old (a favorite of mine) was kind of fixed on watching me. It was story time with mom, so I thought I would sneak a cute candid– no luck being behind the scenes though- this little girl turned right around to look directly at me. It reminded me of, well, me…

When I was younger my aunt always had a camera attached to her (she still does, really) and we used to make fun of her for always having that little black box in front of her face. And yet, as much as I would give her a hard time, I was almost always willing to pose for her and later I loved looking through the photos with her. (You know, a few weeks later when the film was finally developed). My aunt has collected so many photos over time, and has passed some of the old family images down to me. She even has these old tintype photos from the early 1900’s which just fascinates me. I love that there has been a little black box capturing images for so many years. I am off to a wedding today with my little black box… thankful and excited.

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