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Meet Dublin

When I say that Ben and I are passionate about adoption, I mean children. Honest. But this weekend we adopted a puppy. :) Well, a 6 year old “puppy”. We have named him Dublin (which he is really getting used to quite quickly!) and we love him already! We adopted him with the label “Labradoodle” but we (and the groomers) really don’t think that is what he is. Everyone seems to think he definitely has some Irish Wolfhound in him. We also think he is part Muppet. :) Either way, he is the sweetest dog and we are so excited to have him. And he already doesn’t like it when one of us leaves the room! I thought it was fitting to introduce you to him, because I can’t promise that he won’t periodically make an appearance on the blog. He has already gotten along quite well with our other beloved pup, Rigby. She’s 12 years old and a bit in the “grumpy old lady” category, but they have done so well together. We are so excited for adventures to come, and praying that it continues to be a good fit!

It’s also very fitting that our Irish pup, Dublin, comes to us the week of St. Patrick’s Day. Erin Go Bragh! 

**In other news, Happy Birthday today to my dear friend and often my second shooter, Alyce! Love you!

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