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On “What’s Next”

I got up early for only one Black Friday sale this past November. Much to my husband’s chagrin, all I had to do was set my alarm for 6am and open up my laptop, all while lying in bed. I was eager to sign up for Justin & Mary’s Black Friday special for their What’s Next Tour. I followed and was inspired by the very talented Justin & Mary Marantz for a little while, but it was when I met Mary and heard her speak at the Pursuit 31 conference last October, that I really realized I wanted to listen, and glean, and be encouraged, and challenged by this photography duo. Because they are two of the good ones. And I knew that the What’s Next Tour would be so valuable. So I signed up and finally got to attend last month with two of my dear friends and fellow photographers by my side (because it’s always a little nicer walking into a huge room of photographers when you have friends by your side). :)

So I went, and I listened, took copious notes, met a lot of wonderful people, and I soaked in every moment I could and then proceeded to sit in the car with Drea and Renata for almost an hour afterward in the driveway processing it all together. Justin blew my mind with his wizardry. Wizardry, also known as his crazy attention to detail and serious skills with off camera lighting. And Mary spoke and challenged us all on, “what’s next?” She reminded us that action triumphs fear. That maybe we should stop thinking of our dreams as mere opportunities but obligations. She challenged us to actually say, out loud, “this is what I want for my life.” She reminded me that it is so. not. about. me. But that my clients, my followers, you… need something to believe in. That my talent plus helping people equals my purpose. And so, needless to say, there is a lot of introspection and processing that I am still going through. And there are some real concrete things I need to move forward and take action on. I don’t know exactly where Tara Peddicord Photography will be a year from now and that’s exciting! But if I don’t take action, it won’t be so exciting. I need to get out from under “just maintaining”. I worked hard this last year to start this business. But now what? I have somewhat established myself to a degree, but in a lot of ways and comparatively speaking, I am still in the beginning stages. Business is still so new to me! So now (not 5 years down the road) is when I need to start saying: “this is what I want”… fears, apprehensions, feelings of not being enough… all that set aside. And maybe the thing Mary said that really spoke to my heart was, “don’t rush the beginning years”. I won’t remain stagnant and I won’t give up, but I will not rush these years.

And just a few days after the What’s Next Tour, my friend Katie from KD Creative offered up a contest to win a new website and blog design. And I was completely humbled by all of my friends (and some strangers!) voting for me. Winning this design from KD Creative was just the push I needed. I have been thinking for sometime about “what’s next” for Tara Peddicord Photography and I am very excited to say that part of that is Showit! I am so thrilled to join Showit and the many other photographers who have become “Showiteers”. I have heard so many talk about Showit from workshops, to online forums, to my friends… and it’s unanimous that moving their website over to Showit and becoming a part of that community was one of the best business decisions they made. I want to be better for my clients. And first and foremost, I continually work to become better at my craft, to be a better photographer. But accessibility and presentation for my clients is important, and I am so impressed by the way Showit streamlines things! And working with Katie on this redesign is such a gift! We are also working on a new logo within all of this. And while we are still just talking fonts at this point, I am so excited to launch! I want my brand to still reflect me. I want the feel of my blog and website to still be clean, simple, bright and feminine. But I am excited to pin down a design that is a little more sophisticated and an even better reflection of what’s next! So definitely stay tuned, because big things are going to be happening here! And I am forever grateful for photographers like Justin & Mary who help and push people like me to be better.

Me & the lovely Mary. :)

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  • Kaley

    Mary hearts you. What a hug! Also, should you include brown in your logo?ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn

    I think I love the Lovely Mary, and I don’t even know her! Way to go for Tara Peddicord Photography..ReplyCancel

  • Kristen

    I see Abby post about Justin and Mary all the time- ahhhh look at you getting all famous :) :) And I can’t wait to see what wonderfulness you continue to develop :)ReplyCancel

  • […] to share it with you now! Perhaps one of the most exciting parts? Becoming a showiteer! In a previous post, I shared a little bit about my desire to grow this business, and rebranding was a part of that, […]ReplyCancel

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