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On friends, weddings, & being a friend’s wedding photographer

My second wedding I ever shot was for my friends. They are dear friends who were getting married two years ago and trusted me to be their wedding photographer… their wedding photographer who, other than shadowing as “third-shooter” at weddings, had only ever shot one other wedding of my own. And it will always be one of my favorite days. And this past weekend? Kellan & Sam, whom I am blessed to call friends, just got married. And I was their wedding photographer. You see, when you shoot a friend’s wedding, all of your other friends are sitting in their seats looking on at the blushing bride and her expectant groom without a care in the world while I am crouched down in the most uncomfortable position so that I get the perfect shot of the bride walking down the aisle, while also being as invisible as possible. And while all of my other friends are dancing the night away, I am (sorry, but it’s true) a sweaty mess trying to run around and catch every angle and fun moment amidst the crowded dance floor. While I scarf down a roll stuffed with the main course meat, vegetable, and starch all in one bite, my other friend’s are laughing and chatting with one another as they slowly sip their wine. While my friend’s broke out their fancy new heels that are simply to die for, I am hoping that my Sperry black flats will be strong enough to take me through the 9 hour day. It’s definitely a different perspective, being the photographer for a friend’s wedding. But understand this…

I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

I am almost speechless when a friend asks me to be their wedding photographer. It’s a unique opportunity and I savor. every. moment.

I am with my friend, the bride, from the very moment she starts getting ready. kellan and sam wedding_0011

I cry tears of joy and thankfulness in the back of the sanctuary while the congregation sings “Come Thou Fount”. kellan and sam wedding_0010

I share some of the quietest moments with the bride & groom, even though we know that this day is anything but quiet and calm. ;)kellan and sam wedding_0009

And even though my role looks a little different, and my version of enjoying the party means carrying a camera around with me the entire time- I get to be with some of the people who I love most. kellan and sam wedding_0008

And who’s to say that just because I am working, we can’t have a little fun?kellan and sam wedding_0007

Sam and Kellan, thank you so much for allowing me to be your wedding photographer. You will never know the joy it is to me. Ben and I love you so much and we are so excited to have been at your wedding- as photographer, and guest. :)kellan and sam wedding_0006

Stay tuned for Kellan and Sam’s full wedding blog post next week!

For all of the pictures that I’m in… thanks to Christian, Michelle, Shane, & April! ;)

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  • Kellan

    Tara! You have no idea how much it meant to us to have you as our wedding photographer. In fact, I couldn’t even imagine having anyone else play that role in our day. You made me feel so comfortable and calm on such a crazy day and it meant the world to have you at my side from the beginning till the end! I love you and I can’t wait to see you when we get back. Thanks for this great post and being such a great friend!ReplyCancel

  • TJ Magnuson

    I have known and loved Sam since the first day he came to work for me as a 16 yr old. So grateful for your talent and passion. I LCVE taking pics but get so nervous doing weddings. Would love to know what camera and lenses and a few of the settings you used. Your pics are so sharp and gorgeous. Thanks for your time.ReplyCancel

  • Terri Hecker

    We were blessed to have you photograph this wedding. Each photo has been taken with LOVE for Kellan and Sam! The photos are so wonderful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    for being a part of Kellan’s big day and making it so specialReplyCancel

  • Amazing work, usually everyone recommends not to work with family or friends but this overrides that old wives tail. well doneReplyCancel

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