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on Mother’s Day

I know this is a photography blog, not a personal blog- but this weekend is Mother’s Day and I felt compelled to give a hearty “well-done” on here for all you mothers who follow my little blog. Maybe because my “aunt/mom” was such an influence in my love of photography (you can read more about that on my About Me page). Either way… I just felt like giving a Mother’s Day shout-out… hope that’s okay. :)

It’s astounding the amount of mother’s I know. And let me tell you, this girl, who is not a mother, truly recognizes the hard work it is to be a mom. I may not understand it first hand, but even I can see- you people are superheroes. In the last few years, the number of mother’s I know has really grown, as so many of my friends have become moms. Girls, you amaze me. Truly, I am amazed by how well you mother, how well you love your babies. I am so proud of so many of my sweet friends who just dove head first into the wonders of motherhood and have paved the way just beautifully. I am amazed by you and terrified to do it myself, but excited for when the time comes. Honestly, it’s you who make me think… maybe I could do this someday.

And then there are the mothers who have mothered well for years and years. Some of my dearest friends are their daughters and they are truly the ones who inspire and lead. There are so many amazing women in my life who have really treated me with such love and nurturing over the years, there’s nothing to call it but “mothering”. They have allowed me to cry on their shoulders, laughed with me, spoken the truth in love- correcting me and encouraging me, they have taught me to sew & bake, how to love others well, they have listened to me, and shared with me, and challenged me.

And then, there is my mother. My mother passed away when I was just about 4 years old. And the day that it happened, I asked her sister… my aunt… Carolyn… “Does that mean you’ll be my mom now?” And her response was simple, strong, “Yes. It does.”

And she has been. A wonderful mother. I am thankful today for all of you mothers. Whether you’re expecting your first child this year or you have children who have children, thank you. Thank you for all you have taught me and the ways you have loved me. I am thankful for my sweet mother-in-law. And I am thankful for you, Carolyn, for being the best mother for me.

me & my Carolyn

Happy Mother’s Day, moms.
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