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Self-Portrait | August

Don’t worry, after today, there are only 4 more of these self-portraits. On one hand, I have to say, that completely blows my mind… Only 4 more months left in this year!?! Crazy! It’s incredible to think of all that has happened this year. Incredible to think of all that each month, January through August, has brought with it. The ebb and flow of life. Every month that goes by is also a month more for my bangs to grow out- so that’s good news. :)

This month’s self-portrait is from a wedding I did earlier this month. I don’t always take pictures of myself in mirrors, I promise. But I guess there was something about that mirror in the banquet hall’s hallway that just called my name for this month’s photo. And it is kind of fitting. As of this past week and two days ago, I am no longer at camp and I am doing photography full-time. I am not even sure what that looks like yet, as I am trying to figure out my workflow and balance this business with the rest of life… but I am so thankful and excited about it. That being said, this month’s self-portrait is a picture of me at work, doing what I love, photographing a wedding. Blessed.

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