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Self-Portrait | January

Before professional photography was even a mere thought in my mind- I always enjoyed taking pictures more than being the subject of pictures. Don’t get me wrong- I love photos of me with family and friends, or whomever, that commemorate a specific time or a vacation or significant event. I wouldn’t want to visit a place like say, Austria, and only have pictures of the scenery and nothing to look back on and say “hey, here we are in Europe!” In that way, yes, I will smile for the camera. But I much, much prefer taking the photos for others- in fact I love it! (good thing, right?)

Lately, I have received a few emails from readers I have never met… yet… (which I love!!) But, there isn’t a lot that shows “me” on my blog. I love how Andrea & Renata showcase who they are on their blog through a series of fun photos of themselves. Because I think one of the most wonderful things about photography is how interpersonal it is– it’s not just about good images but about who is behind those photos! And I think about the photographers whose blogs I love to follow and learn from– and I love how much they share of themselves! I love, love, love to meet new people- and I love blogs that allow me, to a degree, to get to know the author. Hopefully, you know a little about me from the photos and writings I have shared. But, I was recently inspired by Katelyn James and Gail Werner as they do monthly self-portraits. I enjoy so much seeing their self-portraits… it’s just fun to see the face behind all of those beautiful photos. SO- I am going to try it as well. A monthly self-portrait. I think it will be a fun way to document this year as it goes by, I think it will force me to get a little more comfortable being on the other side of the camera (so easy to encourage someone to get comfy for my lens… now I will eat my words! :)), and hopefully they will be fun posts for you, my readers!

I will probably take some self-portraits with my handy-dandy self-timer, and others will be shot by someone else… I am actually really excited to share January’s self-portrait with you because even though it’s just a whole lot of me- it’s the talented work of my dear friend Beth! I’ll share a few this month just to show off Beth’s work. :) So here goes… this is the beginning of me, subjecting you, to a year of portraits of yours truly. :) 

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  • Marcus

    Beautiful Tara, and i enjoyed the reading thanks for sharing your expression and giving of yourself through photography. Awesome…. Sn good job Beth! :)ReplyCancel

  • Erin

    you are gorgeous tara!ReplyCancel

  • Kristen

    Beautiful! :)ReplyCancel

  • Diana

    you’re so cute. Now let’s show the world your beautiful laughing, smile!ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn

    I for one will NEVER tire of your self-portraits! I love reading what you write as well! Looking forward to next months entry!ReplyCancel

  • DeAnn

    Who would have thought that the stairs leading up to the Lodge could make such a beautiful backdrop (with a beautiful subject of course!)ReplyCancel

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