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The Hoffmans | family session

Lately I have been bragging about the unseasonably warm fall photo shoots I have been doing. This was not the case when I got together with the Hoffmans. It was sunny, but it was cold & windy down by the bay- between shots we took breaks so the heavy coats could go on for just a minute. In spite of the cold, they were all such great sports and I think we got some great shots! Besides, the windblown-rosy cheek look is in, right?

It’s obvious Dad is outnumbered by his girls- but I don’t think he minds. :)

Sweet girls…

You just can’t resist piles of crumply leaves!

I love this next shot because it was not taken after some direction like, “okay stand over here and just look off into the distance with a flawless, pensive look …”  No, I just said “stand over there”, and before I could say anything else, this is what I get. Models much?

Loved our morning together Hoffman family! Even if it did feel like the coldest day ever! :)

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