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Vienna | the architecture

I am in Vienna, Austria! And so far, it has been a magical way to spend this Christmas season. So thankful for the opportunity to be here with friends and so thankful that it’s such a great city to tour. Kristi, my hostess with the mostess, has had to work some of the days that we have been here but it was high on her priority list to show us the city centre as soon as we arrived. (This was a good way to fight jet-lag the first day, anyway). Since the few times she has taken us around, her sister and I have ventured out by ourselves while she is at work. We’ve done quite well in the city, if I do say so myself, and this has a lot to do with walkability and fabulous public transportation systems. We have ended up in a few places which we had no original intention of finding, but we always find our way back home!

One of the very first things I noticed about Vienna was the architecture of the buildings. I am really more a fan of taking pictures of people- they are my favorite subjects! In fact, there have been a few walls or old doors I have seen that I’d really love to pose someone in front of! :) But I have found myself walking around with my camera pointed up a lot, trying to capture the beautiful intricacies of the Viennese architecture! So here is just a glimpse of this beautiful city.

I have seen two, maybe three buildings that would just barely rival the size of a building in a major American city. Everything is so old, so rich with history. Vienna has stood for a long time, (even through the harshness felt by World War II), so incidentally the buildings are quite old and are nothing like sky scrapers. It’s bizarre and fascinating to see a more modern store like Tiffany’s or even H&M nestled in to a building that is hundreds of years old.

This church, Stephansdom, we’ve walked around at least 5 times, just to study it a little more each go-round. So beautiful.

I want window boxes like these. I think I would open these windows daily, take a breath of fresh air, and sing a good morning tune to the streets below! (I would do nothing of the sort, but I’d still like to have windows like these with those lovely flower boxes…)

I know, mostly just boring buildings. But within walking distance of Kristi’s apartment… amazing. This is Vienna… So much more to come! :)

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  • Carolyn

    Love that you have shared these pics! You did a great job, they are beautiful. Glad you are getting out and about in Vienna!ReplyCancel

  • Beth

    LOVE it!! That looks like a beautiful city. I want window boxes like that now too. “…..oh Da-an!”ReplyCancel

  • The buildings are anything but boring. I love the yellow/ gold color of one of them and wonder what those plants are in the window boxes?ReplyCancel

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