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We’re building a house :: A Roof in Progress

This is a really exciting update for me because as of Friday afternoon, our house went from looking like a very lovely box to looking a bit more like a house! The roof trusses went up and a small amount of the plywood for the roof. Since my last update, we also gained a garage! Things are steadily moving along but I would be lying if I didn’t say that each step seems a bit like an eternity. Ben has literally dedicated every day of his summer (after we returned from our Europe trip) to working on our house. I’ve said it before, but I am so incredibly proud of and thankful for him. Today, he officially returns to school to teach the kiddos. My dad and the crew (sometimes a crew of just one other guy) are working diligently of course but it’s hard not to get anxious and desire for things to speed up! The craft and care my dad puts into every bit of this house is so impressive and I am so thankful. Our most recent county inspector commented on how energy efficient our house will be because of the extra steps my dad has taken. It’s so worth every step- and compared to our two years of paperwork and permits, this has been SO exciting. But I am telling you, I am so ready to move in now. Right now. But, we wait for the good things to come. :) All that being said, seeing the roof trusses feels SO exciting as it all begins to really take shape! (These are all taken with my iPhone for now… so excuse the quality!)

Our first precious little gable over the kitchen window-seat.IMG_0089The crane placing the trusses. You guys… this is one skilled man with a crane!IMG_0094IMG_0096IMG_0098Ben said the entire time I was on the job-site I looked like a nervous wreck. Largely in part due to the hundreds of pounds of wood dangling overhead while the guys climbed around the trusses like it was a jungle gym. IMG_0091Our front entrance!IMG_0102This is one of my favorite features, the vaulted ceiling in the living/dining room! It may just look like a lot of wood, but you can kind of see the design. I loved it even more once I saw it here instead of just on paper!IMG_0103Where we are thus far! IMG_0104And there’s a husband on a house. (oy vey…)IMG_0106We would love if you would join us in praying for the house to be move-in ready before Christmas! I know… it’s worth the wait- however long that is. But partially for my ever-loving Christmas heart and for bank/insurance purposes, completion in early-mid December would be the best. :) Here’s to our house becoming a home! :)

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  • Carolyn

    Be patient! I know easier said than done! It is quite exciting to see the progress. So looking forward to being able to see it done! And what a Christmas gift it would be!ReplyCancel

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